Upcoming Course: Homiletics

For most Christians in the Protestant tradition, the sermon is the most important part of any church service. If this is the case, sermon preparation and preaching deserves a lot of attention in both study and prayer, otherwise the sermon is at risk of being nothing more than a motivational speech that could have been given by anyone.

From 22-26 April 2024, ESSA students will be in class for the course “Homiletics”: the study of preaching. They are currently studying about what a good sermon is and how to prepare a solid, Biblical sermon. During class week, they will discuss examples of sermons and practise preaching themselves, to evaluate whether their own sermons are up to God’s expectations of preaching the Word.

If this sounds intimidating, exciting, or intriguing, you may be just the right person to be part of this class. Did you know that you can sit in the class and benefit from our students as they learn and grow? Contact us today to find out more about auditing a course!