Bachelor of Theology (BTh)

As of 2020 ESSA will be offering the Bachelor of Theology degree.

The BTh programme will consist of 384 credits with an exit Level 7 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The ESSA BTh will be offered in a block release or modular mode. Each course will require 1 week of presence on campus with additional 6 weeks of personal studies at home.

This means that students are only required to be on campus for the week of studies, rather than the entire year.

Each full course will consist of 30 hours of classes, spread out over one week. The study sessions and class hours may be re-allocated within the week, depending on the lecturer.

This modular or block-release BTh degree will allow

  • students to remain in employment or ministry
  • churches to be connected to their supported student(s)
  • churches to observe changes and development of their student(s)
  • ministries to continue with a minimal time of leave (12 weeks/year for full-time students)
  • students to not be isolated from realities but to integrate studies and ministry
  • churches to make use of their student(s) throughout the studies and not be sidelined

This programme is geared toward those who are employed or in ministry and cannot attend a residential programme as full-time students. The programme requires a high level of personal discipline and commitment.

Courses will be limited to 10 students each in order to offer deep impacting learning experiences.

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