Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith – March 2019 – This is it?!

Dear Friends

It has been a bit quiet from our side and you may have been wondering whether ESSA was still alive or if we had all given up. I can assure you that no one is giving up just yet and that we are very much alive. There are a number of exciting projects we are preparing while awaiting the official registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training – the last milestone before we may offer our designed programme.

In the meantime we are not twiddling our thumbs but are planning and reviewing various grand ideas for the not too distant future when we will be allowed to operate again. A student accommodation block, the long awaited closure of Pine Street, additional programmes or exciting informal training opportunities, to name only a few.

But all of those will be revealed at a later stage. For now please enjoy (and pray through) the latest edition of Steps of Faith.

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Thank you and God bless,

Johannes Klapprodt