Steps of Faith March 2016 – Who is ESSA in the light of changing reality?

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Seminary
2015 has seen a number of positive elements and seriously surprising challenges. We were hoping to be done with those but 2016 is beginning in the same manner 2015 has ended.

We are happy to report that ESSA finally has a Principal again – after a continuous interim phase of changing names and responsibilities from end of 2008 until February 2016! We will introduce him more properly in the next edition of Steps of Faith as this one was overdue and stressing the seams already. But feel free to check our FaceBook page or drop him a personal email at

We are also happy to report that CHE has finally scheduled and confirmed a site visit date: 6th of April 2016. There is much work still to be done and the entire team appreciates your prayers toward this crucial date. But read all about it in the current edition of Steps of Faith.

A new Principal, a new era and a hopefully new accreditation with a new mode of delivery allows and encourages lots of room for changes. At the same time some things should NOT be changed. The time is right to, once again, look at “Who we are” and what we wish to stand for. ESSA may change the mode of education and some faces on the team but will still remain ESSA. But the question of what it means to be a truly “evangelical Seminary” in our current times will remain a valid one and one we need to face and discuss. On the outset we would like to re-affirm our vision and values and who we are. And these will not change. Read more about in in our current edition of Steps of Faith.

Steps of Faith 2016 – March

Many other ideas and developments are in the making and we are looking forward to exciting (and terrifying) times. Please feel free to raise questions, send us feedback or even critique whatever you think is worth mentioning. We are definitely interested in your response.

We thank you for all your prayers, support and continued interest and look forward to hear from you.
God bless,
Johannes Klapprodt