Steps of Faith March 2015 finally publishedSteps of Faith March 2015 finally published

Dear Friends of the Seminary

Once again the delay in getting this edition published may (at least in part) be explained with government departments not coming back to us in time. We did wait for them to respond one way or another regarding our registration and accreditation applications. But we have received no news yet. The announced deadline for additional information is 30th April 2015. We hope to have more news next time.

The other reason for the delay can be found within this Steps of Faith edition itself. Our Student intake for 2015 was due just a few days after the planned date of the first Steps of Faith for 2015. Which is why I believed it justifiable to wait a few days so you could at least see their picture.

But please, look for yourself: in the attached “Steps of Faith March 2015”

Steps of Faith 2015 – March