Steps of Faith – Decisions in spite of not knowing the future?

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Seminary

We must apologize for the extended silence and lack of communication from our side.

These past months (since May) have seen many challenges and developments at the Seminary and in many cases we just wanted to wait only a bit longer so we’d have clarity on what to tell you. For example I had to travel to Germany (with my family) in July and sort some visa issues with the South African Department of Home Affairs. We were expecting the outcome daily … and it only came in October. We have been waiting for news from CHE ever since April. We have been waiting for many developments and news and it seemed premature to send out a Steps of Faith edition with “no news” if “big news” might be had just a week later.
As it is there are news to be spread – but not of the nature we were hoping for.


After these rather cryptic introductory lines I would like to ask all of you to pray for the Seminary. Not that we have grand success or finally receive accreditation but that we may find and accept God’s guidance, wherever that may lead. That we live and work to glorify his name. Currently we still believe this to be achieved best through an accredited Bachelor of Theology programme, offered in a block-release programme. But if the LORD has a different plan we just wish to be faithful and trust wherever HE is leading.

Will you be able to just take a short minute, wherever you are and whatever you are doing at this moment, to bow your head and pray for HIS guidance in these times?

Thank you and God bless,
On behalf of the Seminary,

Johannes Klapprodt
Academic Dean