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Steps of Faith – August 2020

Change is painful

“These are indeed special times …” is a common phrase at the beginning of many newsletters and emails these days. Indeed, the times are special and challenging. Many of us have had to adapt and change to new rules, regulations, routines, and the “new” normal is not that normal yet at all. All these changes can be painful.

Some other changes will await you in this edition of Steps of Faith. The following content can be found if you click the link to open the full Steps of Faith – August 2020.

  • Call to prayerful discernment
    Once again the future of the Seminary is at a crucial crossroads.
  • Overview of upcoming courses
    While all plans were set for 2020 and 2021 the pandemic is apparently not a big friend of any plans.
  • Thanks to the Klapprodt Family
    Johannes Klapprodt and family return to Germany end of August 2020.
  • Special Thanks to Johannes
    The governing body says Thank You to Johannes.