Steps of Faith – April 2017

Dear Friends

It has been a while, once again. I had planned to send out the Steps of Faith in early March. As the first page indicates half of this edition was already written at the time. We were also hopeful that our accreditation was being processed in a CHE meeting on 23-24 of February and we were hopeful to possibly have some good news to share in this edition. So we waited just a little bit more. We expected to receive news just about any day and hence were postponing by another day and another day and … Eventually (last week) we were informed that we had not been discussed by CHE as part of the February meeting and will only be on the agenda for the May meeting. That in itself is again a long story and we are sharing it in the Steps of Faith.

Again I must apologise for the extended silence and hope that you will bear with us. Kindly remember us in your prayers as we are looking forward to the CHE meeting in May and the following processes.

But now please enjoy the latest edition of the first Steps of Faith in 2017.

In Christ,
Johannes Klapprodt

Steps of Faith April 2017