SIS – Special Interest Sessions

In designing the BTh curriculum the team regularly noticed gaps and areas the curriculum is short on. Some have mentioned that we need more focus on teaching biblical books – which is true. Others have mentioned that we need more focus on Mission & Evangelism – which is true as well. Others again have pointed out that we don’t address burning contemporary issues enough, such as politics, corruption, finances, power abuse, and so forth. Which is sadly true as well. However when asked which of the existing courses should be removed in order to make space for the ones we ought to add … there usually is a pause and silence.

We are fully aware that the existing curriculum cannot cover all areas sufficiently and some areas not even remotely. Which is why we have developed the SIS – the Special Interest Sessions. These sessions may be called for by students, lecturers or even sending churches or congregations. Students may wish to have some sessions on the topic of “Spiritual Powers”. There is much confusion on the topic and many denominations have their traditional view but hardly any biblical basis for customs, practices and views. Students may ask for a number of sessions on fundraising or church finances. Not because they will become the financial officers of their churches but because they must be able to understand spreadsheets and budget plans. Already a bishop asked for sessions on the history and basic doctrines of his particular denomination for “his” students. And we are happy to oblige.

Of course these sessions are voluntary and optional (unless your bishop “persuades” you) and they don’t carry credits, assignments or fees. Some of them will be open to the public while others will be restricted to students only.