Upcoming Course: Principles of Development

Development is a vision of a better life and a process of deliberate change in order to attain it. It evokes cultural as well as economic, social, and political fulfilment. It is an ascent to a society in which all human beings can reach their full potential. Its goal is to provide all humans with the opportunity to live full human lives and to create societal arrangements that provide a widening range of choices for people to pursue their common and individual goal.

Should Christians be involved in development? What is sustainable development? How do we ensure our helping actually helps instead of inadvertently causing more harm? These and many other questions will be discussed by our students during their course “Principles of Development”.

Are you interested in listening to their discussions and learning alongside of our students? Or are you simply curious to see what class week at ESSA looks like? Find out how you can be part of this course today, and we’ll see you in class from 22-26 July.