Upcoming Course: Church and Health

This course is designed to equip students and the community with knowledge and specific information related to “Church and health”. The purpose of this course is to explore how the church understands health and how the church is an agent of health within the community it serves. One of the challenges in Africa is the dualism that still endures between body and spirit, something ESSA addresses directly with an emphasis on holistic theology. We are reminded of our founder’s emphasis on SHALOM as a key characteristic of God’s irrupting Kingdom, influencing how Christians understand sickness and healing.

As a module seeking to educate church leaders on basic medical issues, sources of reliable information are critically important. Cultural matters should be addressed sensitively, including African worldview and the role of natural medicine / herbalists. How is disability viewed in this context? What ethical considerations must a pastor observe? How does the church respond to a pandemic? What is the place of marriage and family in a transmitting healthy lifestyle?

If you are interested in exploring these issues, why don’t you contact us today to find out how you can be part of this class?