New Website is online!

Dear friends

As you have noticed (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) the ESSA website has been revamped and is enjoying its entirely new look. This overhaul was long overdue and became necessary due to outdated software. The older website had been designed and programmed with Joomla 1.5.6 and did serve its purpose. Unfortunately development of Joomla had been progressing and the current version was somewhere beyond 2.6 already. This led to development and support for the older versions to end and we had to face some huge security risks. The decision was taken to update and rescue as much as possible from the old website to the newer system. As things go it didn’t work as nicely as it had been planned.

ESSA was struggling to find the time to study a new software system and design a new website (mostly through “trial and error”) besides doing all the other and more important things like surviving. Along came 2 volunteers from Germany who offered to take care of the website as part of their 6-week internship at the Seminary. The result is what you see in front of you. Now this website is not the only work they have been doing and a lot of what you might see now is much deeper than you think. Connected to this new website is a completely new FaceBook page. Another addition is the ESSA Youtube channel where a series of videos will be posted in the not too distant future. Also a calendar function on the website was added, informing visitors of the upcoming events and opportunities.

Most of these added features aren’t used to their full potential yet but will see more and more activity as we get used to the possibilities.
If you want to find out more, do check back regularly and discover the changes.