Master of Theology (MTh)

The Seminary is considering to offer a MTh programme at a later stage. Currently our main focus is to concentrate on the BTh and to do one thing properly rather than focus on many things simultaneously and mess all of them up in the process. A MTh programme is a natural development from the BTh Hons programme but will need to be designed carefully and with input from students, churches and ministries alike.

In any case the current long-term consideration is to offer the following:

1st year BThstartingofferedofferedofferedofferedofferedofferedoffered
2nd year BTh  starting offeredofferedofferedofferedoffered
3rd year BTh    starting offered offered offered offered
1st year BTh Hons     possibly starting offered offered offered
2nd year BTh Hons      possibly starting offered offered
1st year MTh       possibly starting offered
2nd year MTh        possibly starting

2018 – first half of first year BTh curriculum
2019 – full first year BTh curriculum
2020 – first and second year BTh curriculum
2021 – first, second and third year of BTh curriculum
2022 – possibly the first section of a BTh Hons programme
2023 – possibly the second section of a BTh Hons programme
2024 – possibly the first section of a MTh programme (best case)

Hence a MTh programme will NOT be active before 2024 (best case).