Looking for a Principal

September 2020

Job Purpose The Principal shall exercise general supervision over the total work of ESSA, acting under the authority delegated by the ESSA Council and to which body account will be given.


  1. Sets Direction. To establish and nurture a compelling vision and see to it that the organisation is motivated to actively pursue it through the strategic plan for the ministry.
  2. Spokesperson. The principal is the chief advocate for the organisation and its vision with respect to outside organisations and stake holders.
  3. Coach. A team builder who empowers others in the organisation and who passionately lives the vision by serving as a mentor and coach. This will be done by building trust, respecting others, helping them to learn and to constantly improve.
  4. Protector. The Principal must view this role as the protector of the core Biblical beliefs, moral and ethical standards, financial integrity, core values and historical commitments which undergird the seminary. The Principal must ensure that ESSA continues to fulfill it’s mission. The college’s Mission Statement reads:

Our Mission is to train dedicated Christian leaders, in an urban setting, for the Church-in- Mission by providing quality tertiary education that is Evangelical, Holistic and Contextual.

Key Duties and Priorities

  1. Reporting to the Board in an accurate and transparent manner all important matters in the life of the Seminary.
  2. Leadership and Vision. The Principal must lead the Seminary with a sense of direction and common vision. This vision should be clearly articulated and kept before the whole community and developed through the processes of strategic planning, setting of specific goals and the working out of tactical plans.
  3. Spiritual life of the Seminary. The Principal is responsible for the spiritual ethos of the Seminary and must actively sustain it through preaching, teaching, personal example and pastoral care.
  • Key stakeholder relations.  Developing and nurturing contacts with the key stakeholders including, inter alia, churches, donors, alumni, staff, students and the validating authorities.
  • Appointment of Staff. The Principal is responsible for all staff appointments along with the Council Chairperson and the Staffing sub-committee. Due regard will be taken of the overall balance in terms of gender, race, age, experience, and qualifications.
  • Staff appraisal and welfare. The Principal is to ensure the general welfare of ESSA staff in their place of work. All appointments must have properly signed contracts in accordance with the Labour Relations Acts. Each staff member is to have an annual staff appraisal. Attention must be given to the professional development of all staff because people are the most precious resource.
  • Academic responsibility. The Principal carries overall responsibility for the delivery of the academic programmes, though the general management and administration of such is delegated to the Academic Dean and Registrar. The Principal must ensure that all the requirements of the Accrediting body are implemented.
  • Financial administration. The Principal is responsible and legally accountable to the Council for the management and control of the Seminary’s finances through the preparation of Annual Budgets and monthly Financial Statements. The Principal must support the work of the communications and fundraising staff member.
  • General administration. The Principal is responsible to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day life of the Seminary through the appropriate management of its many systems. This includes a large measure of consultation with, and delegation to, and monitoring of other staff members.


Given the challenging nature of the Principals position the ideal candidate needs the following proven skills, attributes and disposition:

A Committed evangelical who assents to the Doctrinal Basis with conviction and who has a lifestyle lived in accordance with Biblical standards of ethical integrity.

A Visionary who can move the organisation into the uncertain future with courage and purpose.

A Leader of others with an attested track record based on considerable experience.

A Team builder. The task is too complex to be done by a ‘lone ranger’ but must be done through a well- motivated and competent team which is well led.

A Systems thinker. The Seminary is a complex set of interlocking systems and thus requires a systems thinker to enable all the component parts to function well.

A Change agent. In this rapidly changing world, the Principal must be able to discern the changes and respond to them appropriately in order to fulfil the Mission of the seminary.

A Good educationalist who understands the trends in the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.

To express your interest in the position of ESSA Principal, please send your full CV together with names and contact details of two (2) references together with the filled in application form to Bill Houston – his email address can be received from The application form can be found on the Seminary website ( under this link, together with our Statement of Faith.