IT system needs replacement!

The Evangelical Seminary of Southern Africa has been suffering under an extremely outdated and “moody” IT-system. The server has been struck by lightning at least twice and is mainly held together with sticky tape, Bostik and prayer. ESSA has set up a secondary server for web traffic and mail as well as some other minor functions but the student data and library holdings are located on the old server and cannot be removed without ruining/loosing the entire database. Several attempts have been made to that effect – none successful.

The IT-system has been patched up and fixed so many times and, due to financial priorities, was never given the attention it should have been given. Currently the server cabinet has about roughly 40 connections of which probably only 15 are needed. Which of these connections lead to which terminal (and why?)  is a mystery that will not be solved anytime soon. ESSA has come to the conclusion that it is time to set up a new IT-system for a new era of theological education. We have communicated various ideas and plans for the future as accredited institution, offering high quality theological education in a Block-release system as of January 2015. Instead of fixing and patching the old system it is time to start on a clean slate. This new IT-system will be a crucial element in making this vision a reality. Unfortunately a new IT-system requires funds. Lots of them.

ESSA has begun this project in 2011, replacing several of the most important PC’s for those staff members who needed them. “Thank you” for all who have already donated toward this first step.

We have been communicating with a group of interested friends of the ministry and have proposed a project which they have agreed to fund – up to 80%. This means that for each Rand we can raise on our own they will add another 4 Rand. Sort of like a “donate 1, get 4 free” deal.
Now this is where you, our friends, come in. Would you kindly consider helping us with this huge undertaking? We will need to manage this huge project before November 2014 in order to be “up and running” by 2015. Any donations toward this step will be highly appreciated.

(Kindly use the reference “IT-System” with EFT donations)