ESSA: Prayer Pledge

In the past week we have approached a num,ber of churches and individuals about a little project.

We have asked the churches to sign a “Prayer Pledge” (sample can be seen here), promising to pray for ESSA in regular intervals. How regular this may be is completely up to the churches. Also there is no financial obligation or commitment involved at all.  IF they agree it would be signed by a representative of ESSA and a representative of the Church. We could do this in a small meeting and not necessarily with any fanfare in any service at all. We would frame our copy and place it probably in our Principal’s office. The church would receive their framed copy and could do with it as they please. We do not expect it to be publicly displayed or anything like that.

The idea behind this is to first of all establish a prayer base. ESSA will need supportive and continuous prayer for the re-building process. Second it will remind us of the obligation to keep our supporters informed. We hope to raise awareness among staff (present and future) that whatever we do is not just about the Seminary but also about all those that are praying for ESSA or studying at ESSA. A wall of Prayer Pledges will remind the board, the Principal or whoever is meeting in front of that wall of the fact that we are not on our own. This will on the one hand be encouraging, on the other hand it will be creating an attitude of accountability. At least these are our hopes.

A secondary aspect of this idea is to find out whether or not ESSA is really needed/appreciated in Pietermaritzburg. Lots of individuals have expressed that it would be a loss if ESSA was to close and be done with. But since words are quite cheap these days we would like to find out who really is willing to invest some time of prayer into ESSA. Our aim is to find 20 churches that are willing to sign these Prayer Pledges and commit themselves to at least pray for ESSA on a regular basis.

Would you mind being one of these 20?

If so, please do contact Johannes Klapprodt ( and let him know.

God Bless!