COVID-19 Statement

Dear Friends

In response to President Ramaphosa’s address regarding the Covid-19 pandemic the Seminary has decided to implement certain precautionary measures. These measures are not due to fear of infection but due to a responsibility to reduce transmission to vulnerable and persons at risk as much as possible.

  1. Upcoming courses (23-27 March and 30 March – 03 April) have been rescheduled.
  2. The library is closed to the public. Registered students and affiliate borrowers can still use the facilities with certain limitations.
  3. The Admin building is open but please adhere to “social distancing” as well as precautionary hygiene and the usual “common sense” standards.
  4. Students, lecturers, staff, directors, and any other persons have been informed. ESSA will communicate any changes or updates as they become available.
  5. The Seminary will observe the situation and re-assess as needed. The current measures are in place until 14th April and will be reviewed then.

Kindly bear with us and the country in these times. God IS in control, even if (especially when) we are not.

Johannes Klapprodt
(Academic Dean)