Newest Video on Youtube

Did you know that ESSA doesn’t only have an all-new website, AND a Facebook page but also its own Youtube channel? In order to explain some aspects of the new model ESSA will be implementing we have shot a number of video clips which will be posted and shared on that Youtube channel, and on […]

IT system needs replacement!

The Evangelical Seminary of Southern Africa has been suffering under an extremely outdated and “moody” IT-system. The server has been struck by lightning at least twice and is mainly held together with sticky tape, Bostik and prayer. ESSA has set up a secondary server for web traffic and mail as well as some other minor […]

New Website is online!

Dear friends As you have noticed (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) the ESSA website has been revamped and is enjoying its entirely new look. This overhaul was long overdue and became necessary due to outdated software. The older website had been designed and programmed with Joomla 1.5.6 and did serve its purpose. Unfortunately development […]

Financial development is looking promising

ESSA has received a number of donations toward operating expenses as well as special expenses. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have been supporting ESSA in this manner over the past years. We also wish to thank all those who have re-started supporting ESSA or who have just begun supporting […]

Series of break-ins at the Seminary

After roughly 4 years of relative peace in terms of crime and break-ins on the campus we have seen some serious increase again in the past 4-5 weeks. About 4-5 weeks ago someone entered the library (Ken Chisas old office) through a side-window which was apparently unlatched and had been for quite a while. The […]

ESSA: Prayer Pledge

In the past week we have approached a num,ber of churches and individuals about a little project. We have asked the churches to sign a “Prayer Pledge” (sample can be seen here), promising to pray for ESSA in regular intervals. How regular this may be is completely up to the churches. Also there is no […]

Training on Demand

Over the past months ESSA has tried and tested different methods of offering training and workshops to local churches and ministries. Acceptance has been slow and it seems that churches do feel the need for training but timing and transportation pose a challenge. In response to these realities ESSA has decided to bring the training […]