Call to ALL Alumni

We’re planning a number of celebratory events and want YOU to be part of them. But to get the communication going we need your current contact details and so forth.
Please get in touch with the Seminary, either as PM, or via email, phone, and all the usual channels.
Please forward this call to all Alumni you know, regardless of whether they were staff, students, or involved in any other way.

One of these events will be an Alumni Gathering (the last one happened in 2011, I think?). We still need to finalize arrangements such as date and programme as well as invitations, catering and all those little details.

The call for Alumni is NOT limited to those in the picture. ANYONE who has been student or staff at ESSA/EBSemSa in the past decades is welcome.

So kindly send us an email (, call us on our landline (033 394 1679) or simply stop by at 189 Pine Street in Pietermaritzburgto give us your details. We would like to receive the minimum of name, study or service years and contact details. But we would also appreciate the full set of info like where you are now, what you are doing and how your life has developed after leaving ESSA.