BTh – Fee Structure

ESSA aims to keep the BTh as affordable as possible. After considerable market research the fees have been set at a rate of R 100/credit.

Application Fee
payable on application (non-refundable)
R 250
Utilities Fee
payable per year of studies(this fee is meant to contribute towards tea, coffee, internet fees and other sundry material but NOT copies, printing and other high cost items).
R 250
Registration Fee
payable per 10 credit-course on a basis of R 100/credit
(students will not be registered for another course as long as there are outstanding fees)
R 1000
Total R 250 + (R 1000 * 36) + (R 250 * 3) R 37 000

Due to the nature of the programme and course fees only being payable on registration for each upcoming course, ESSA will operate on a “no refund” policy. Should the Seminary be at fault (e.g. registered courses are cancelled, natural disasters prevent the course from happening, etc.) it will refund course fees on the principle of service not being delivered. It must be noted that students are charged for tuition and not for passing courses or achieving a degree. Success is the responsibility of the student and failure to pass a course is not a reason for a refund/claim.