BTh – Application

ESSA invites interested potential students to approach the Seminary and apply for the BTh programme.

But whom exactly are we looking for? The Seminary does not wish to turn any one away from studies, or to discourage students from seeking quality training for the ministry. That being said, the Seminary is also not looking for students who are out to catch a “free ride”. The ESSA BTh programme will be a challenging programme and requires a high level of commitment, discipline and maturity.

In general, we are looking for a small number of good students rather than a high number of mostly average students. We do believe that “good” is not necessarily determined by academic training or privileged background. “Good students” in our understanding of the term are those who are committed and serious about the training they will receive. We are looking for students who will put an effort into their training and who will expect the same level of effort from the Seminary.
We wish to attract students who realize that ministry in the Kingdom of God is not to be taken lightly but is a choice/calling that requires professional training, integrity of character, humility and willingness to serve. Far too often brothers and sisters have chosen a job in a church context simply because they failed to secure a “real” job elsewhere.

We believe that we are called to offer excellent training and to equip those who wish to receive the best training possible. We are given funds and donations and we are expected to use these funds faithfully. In this regard it is our duty to select wisely and make sure that those who are accepted to study at ESSA will make full use of the opportunities.
All of this may sound elitist and discriminating – which it isn’t. We will not turn down any application based on race, gender or background. If academic standards aren’t in place or financial issues might be a problem we encourage you to apply anyway and we will assist in finding solutions. But if there is a lack of intention or commitment we will turn down applications in order to allow other candidates into the programme.

Application forms can be requested via email: or downloaded here.

For an application to be considered the following is required:

  • A completed application form, including 2 recent passport size photographs
  • 3 References (1 by a pastor of your current church; 1 by a recent employer or supervisor, 1 by a friend) – reference forms will be available for download shortly.
  • 1 set of certified copies of all educational certificates and transcripts
  • 1 set of certified copies of ID/passport
  • A testimonial from last educational institution
  • An application fee of R 250 (non-refundable) – banking details are available under “Contact Us”.

Foreign students must apply for a study permit in their own country at the South African Embassy/Consulate. ESSA is willing to assist with this process but ultimately the student is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits.

Please be aware that foreign qualifications MUST be accompanied by a SAQA Evaluation certificate in order to be considered by ESSA. This is a legal  requirement we cannot ignore.

Above and beyond the governmental admission requirements the Seminary expects certain non-academic criteria to be in place:

  • Christian of good standing and character
  • Acceptance of ESSA’s Statement of Faith
  • Ethical and Moral integrity
  • Committment to service and humility
  • Capable of reading/writing academic English

Please feel free to contact the Registrar for more details.