Appeal for Student Support

Dear Friends of the Seminary

I greet you in the name of our wonderful Lord, Saviour and Provider, Jesus Christ. I am approaching you today with an urgent appeal for funding not for the Seminary but for our students.
As you are probably aware we will begin the next block of courses this Monday, 24th of August 2015. Most students have registered for this course after having taken four other courses offered earlier in the year. Most students are involved in ministry, are pastoring a church and supporting a family, all besides their studies at ESSA. Most students struggle to secure the funding necessary to pay for their tuition fees.

ESSA has implemented a strict non-payment policy in order to assist the financial viability and self-sustainability of the Seminary. This policy states that students may not participate in courses as long as there are still outstanding fees for previous courses. As we are just beginning to operate as a teaching institution we have been lenient over the past four courses, allowing students to remain in class for the sake of having viable class sizes.

As the next block of courses is coming up we are looking at combined outstanding fees of R 12.930
According to policies we will have to ask students to NOT participate in the courses but have to send them home again unless students come up with the full amount (which is highly unlikely). This would break our heart but, for the sake of integrity, credibility and fairness, we will have to draw the line and stop some students from receiving training at ESSA.
Which is the reason I am approaching you today. I am appealing to you to support our students with whichever amount you feel the Lord leading you to give. Be it R 10, R 20, R 1000 or whichever figure feels “right”. IF we receive dedicated funding toward “Student support” to the amount of 50% of the outstanding fees (R 6.465) we will accept these students into the courses based on the external support extended toward them. We, as ESSA, will see that as indication to take a “Step of Faith” and to expect our Lord and Provider to come through with the remaining amount in HIS due time.

Some of you will NOT feel called to send a donation toward student support. May I ask you to please stop whatever you are doing right at this moment and bow your heads to briefly pray for our students and their financial needs? This is not just a matter of finances but a matter of timing as well.
Students need to have paid in full by Tuesday, 25th of August, in order to remain in class. This leaves only this very weekend to support our students. I am fully aware that this is very short notice and I do ask all those who are considering EFT donations to a.) mark very clearly “STUDENT SUPPORT” as the reference and b.) please send us an electronic “proof of payment” by Tuesday morning – just so we can take a decision by that time based on the donated amount.

This appeal will not become a regular call for help just before any upcoming courses. We would prefer to rather see it as an indication of which way forward to proceed. As it is we are not merely asking you to meet the financial needs of students but rather to play a role in God showing us (ESSA) the way forward.
Please help our students receive training for ministry in the Kingdom of God.

Banking Details:
Account name: ESSA
Reference: “Student Support”
First National Bank
(Branch/Sort Code: 221 325) Account No. 5093 1189 217 Swift Code: FIRNZAJJA767
Please send “Proof of Payments” to or
Tel: +27 (0)33 3941679
Fax: +27 (0)33 3941679

Thank you for your considerations.
In Christ’s service,
On behalf of the Seminary,
Johannes Klapprodt
Administrative Assistant